350Z/370Z and G35/G37 CSC Internal Slave Problem

We at Project Import, work on a lot of Nissan 350Z/370Z as well as the Infiniti G35/G37 here in Orange County, CA. Clutch replacement is all too common to us on these vehicles. A major complaint we have from our customers on the 2007 + 350/370Z and G35/G37 is that Nissan converted over to an internal slave cylinder design. Known as”CSC” on many forums, this part is well known to consistently fail whether the car has 50k miles on it or 15 miles on it. Resulting in our customers have to remove the transmission again to replace the complete clutch kit sometimes or just the slave cylinder again. Because of this we wanted to know what truly failed on these slave cylinders. We have seen a lot of people saying seals fail and we wanted to see for ourselves.

We suggest to replace the OEM slave cylinder with the ZSpeed CMAK Clutch Movement Alteration Kit / CSC Delete.

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