G35 Build VLOG – Six Speed Swap, Nismo Cams, eBay Headers, Mtec Shifter Springs and More

We have been working on this G35 since last year shooting to get her ready for Nissfest 2018. We are operating the ride along program there for spectators to get on the track and feel the thrill of the track.

This car has undergone a large transformation in this video. First off we removed the complete engine and transmission. Cleaned up the car and prepared it for its donor parts.

We knew we wanted replace the transmission because the original had been slipping during high load shifts. We had a 2003 350Z transmission lying around the shop and many old factory parts as well as new performance parts to get the job done. We installed Mtec shifter springs because we really wanted to feel them in the G/Z platform. We have installed plenty of them in FRS/BRZ but no in a G35 or a 350Z.

Since the head gaskets went we decided to pull the complete engine, grab a donor engine and rebuild that one. It was a basic rebuild, new piston rings, ACL bearings, and Revup rod bolts for a little more RPM. We had the heads inspected, cleaned, valve stem seals replaced and Eibach EVS valve train installed. Once assembled we installed Nismo camshafts for that extra bang.

In the end I would say we spent just over 45 hours to go through the complete process of rebuilding the engine, and performing the six speed swap. Now mind you I build a complete 3” custom exhaust with removable stock muffler and race muffler included in that. I would say the six speed swap itself would really only take 8 to 10 hours to perform so long as you have all the right tools and skills. (This coming from a technician that has been in the business for 15 years)

After this we are going to be doing an engine harness and ECU swap to allow for tuning and to remove all of the pesky check engine lights. We are looking to get the car tuned soon and get dyno numbers that video should be coming in the next few months.

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