This is our little Project, a 2003 Infiniti G35 with 237,000 miles on it. Some may say why would you do it with so many miles? Well I say when you can trade a 2000 Honda CRV with similar mileage for a car like this, why not? Now what you see here is not how we got the car, we have already swapped out the wheels and tires. Lowered the car on some used coilovers we had laying around and had an alignment done. So we have already change the look of the car drastically, but we saw the potential.

The car honestly has some major issues, the first is that it is over heating, we are thinking it could be blown head gaskets. Next the rotors are warped, the transmission shifts like poo, and the valve cover gaskets are leaking. Tons of suspension bushings are bad like the always bad rear differential bushing. The suspension the car came with was original and sounded like it was going to fall out of the car. Now the used coilovers aren’t as bad but they definitely not good. So we are going to be going through the car repairing, and of course modifying it to meet our standards.

In this video we inspected the catalytic converters, we had been hearing a noise from the exhaust system, a ticking sound. So we immediately thought it was the catalytic converters due to the age of the vehicle. We then inspected the CATS and found that they were going bad, the lower portion of the substrate was moving. But that did not end up being the issue. The rear exhaust flange was cracked were it met the mid-pipe.

All in all we fixed the issues and the car sounds decent.

Stay tuned, we already have another video in the mix.

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