Inspired for track use, our modified louver plate is based on an off road product for Jeeps. When modifying an engine you begin to build up more heat in the engine and engine bay. Add a turbo into the equation and you begin having extreme heat. Resulting in you having to update your engine cooling efficiency. But what happens to that heat if you don’t evacuate it from underneath the hood? You heat soak the intake manifold, the cylinder head, block etc. The louver plates purpose is solely to remove heat from under hood that causes the engine to heat soak. This interns allows the cooling system to work more efficiently.

Our modified louver plate is made of ⅛” aluminum and comes with stainless steel allen head bolts and nuts to mount it. Installation is made easier with a stencil for the cut outs you have to make in your hood.

Each plate is made to order so expect the shipment not to be made for one to two weeks.

Installation difficulty: Hard

You can purchase the product at:
Modified hood louver plate