2016 Spocom Coverage

Starting later in the season, we had only one month of preparation to get our Honda S2000 ready for the event. Body Craft OC completely changed the whole vehicle, transforming the matte grey finish to the beautiful volcano grey it is now. They dropped in a perfect amount of rainbow flake to make the paint pop! After the install of the body kit, we started up the S2000 for the first time in over a year Saturday morning.

Our Nissan 350Z was sitting pretty with a new exhaust from APEXi, and once both cars were detailed they were ready for the show!

The S2000 and 350Z got its fair share of gawkers. The S2000 got big props by Honda Tuning Magazine who posted a picture of its engine bay on their Instagram page. As of today, the photo has already received 3500 likes! Customers snatched up all the freebies we had hours before the event ended, including license plate frames, lanyards, and stickers.

This year, being SpoCom Anaheim’s 10 year anniversary, they put on a show to remember! APEXi’, HKS, WHITELINE, McLeod Racing, DC Sport, and Toyo Tires were just some of the venders there. From Ferrari and Lamborghini to Nissan and Toyota, just about every car manufacturer was present.

We are extremely happy with the turnout and are excited to get a head start on next year’s event, possibly even going for a trophy!

Special thanks to our sponsors:


Body Craft OC.

McLeod Racing.

Phenix Industries.

Team Hope Motorsports

Our next event is the RD2 GTA Pro Am Auto Club Speedway “86 Fest”, in Fontana, California. We’ve got two weeks to get the Civic ready to race.