RD 2 GTA Pro Am April 15th 2017 Buttonwillow CA

This month we just came back from Round 2 Global Time Attack Pro Am April 15th 2017 Buttonwillow CA. This event was held in conjunction with Speed District who was running one of their normal track days. The course was Buttonwillow Raceway in configuration 13 clock wise.

Although this was Steve’s first time driving Buttonwillow, he finished his first session with ease, driving a 2:24 his best lap. He found himself checking tire contact patch and pressures at the end of his session. Steve was more than ready for session 2! After getting back out there, he was able to knock another 2 seconds off his time! After this session he checked over his suspension adjustments and tires once more. During session 3, Steve knocked off another 2 seconds from his time! He continued devoid of issues with his tried and true factory B18b setup! During the last session, Steve again knocked off seconds to his time, ending the day with his fastest lap time of 2:18.863!

Bryan went out swinging and got a 2:05 for his best time in the first session. He found that the wastegate dump tube heat had begun melting the timing cover for the engine. Because of these, he track fabbed a heat shield for the timing cover and was ready for the next session. Unfortunately, during this second session, Bryan was not able to improve his time because the timing belt tensioner spring broke and fell into the timing belt. He was able to remove the spring and get the car back out on the track for session 3. Although Bryan knocked off 1 second to his time, this would be his last session of the day. His engine began to emit sounds of rod knock, ending the session early. Although this ended the day for Bryan, he was able to get out with a fastest lap time of 2:04.135!

We came home with a win for Bryan with the Fastest Limited FWD time of the day, winning a 1st place trophy for that class!

We will be either building a B16 block for our Limited Class Honda Civic EG or sourcing another factory B16 block. Our Street Class Honda Civic EK will be getting camshafts for the B18B or it will be receiving a complete new B16 or B18C.

All in all, it was a great day of racing and comradery! A big special thanks to our sponsors:



BodyCraft OC

Buddy Club

Federal Tyres

Phenix Industries

Swift Springs


XXR Wheels

And a special thank you to Team Hope Motorsports!